29 Aug

Nico Almagro , Tommy Robredo and Fer Verdasco took part in some promo work for Dunlop Rackets . The video from behind the scenes of the photoshoot can be seen above. There was also a party for the players where they got to be bartenders . Photo Below and click on the link for full article.

http://www.tennisnow.com/News/Dunlop- Stars- Celebrate -In -Pre -US -Open- Party.aspx


My favorite double act, Feli and Fer have been honoured with a reception at Trump SoHo Hotel (where they are staying ) in New York. Well deserved boys. But after seeing the pics , some below, i have to say i am joining the legions on twitter calling for a little use of the razors . Just a little trim boys, you’re more on the hobo side than the sexily scruffy side at the moment 😉

full article http://verdasconews.com/ 2010/08/fernando-feliciano-honoured-at-trump-soho-reception /

U.S. Open Party Interior
I have to say i was loving the interior Heineken created for the U.S. Open Party. Sure it was a little tacky with the tennis ball themed accessories but I LOVE IT! Beer + Tennis balls + Hot tenistas = one great party I’m sure.


One Response to “Quickies!”

  1. Vesna August 30, 2010 at 8:22 am #

    Feli please don’t do that to me you know I hate it. razor pls

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