Ooh La La – Let’s Talk Fashion

2 Sep

So before i give you today’s order of play let’s get serious 😉 and talk clothes. I am going to bring you my top 5 men’s USO outfits. I’m going to stick with my Spaniards. Feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree with my choices or let me know your own choices for best dressed 🙂

Ok so in reverse order…

5. Feli Lopez and JC Ferrero for Joma 

I am disappointed with Joma’s offering here, they have gone to town with the red, white and blue “American” theme but well it’s all a little boring and pretty ugly. I do prefer JC’s blue headband to Feli’s white one but why doesn’t he have blue sweatbands to match? I normally like Joma’s outfits and credit to the boys for going with a Spanish sponsor. Verdict? Boring.

4. Nico Almagro for Reebok

Ok so i will start with the negative. The shorts. They are just plain awful. However the T-shirt i like. Really like the yellow and the fact they haven’t gone down the red/white/blue route. Generally i like the brights Reebok give to Nico and again good choice of sponsor, he doesn’t end up dressed like everyone else. Verdict? Quirky.

3. David Ferrer for Lotto

Hmm… Lotto, Lotto, Lotto… Why do i get the feeling i have seen it all before? Oh yes because i have. Davis Cup 08? Davis Cup 09? Davis Cup 2010? Australian Open 2010? Basically David has been wearing the same design since January and before. Changing the colours does not count as a new design Lotto. Ok so now you are probably wondering why i have it at num 3, right? Well the truth is i like the design, it’s bright, simple but not boring. Would be great if i could see him play in something different after 8 months though. Verdict? Good but please a change soon?

2. Rafa Nadal for Nike

This was a tough decision. I love this black outfit and yes i even love the bright yellow version i assume is for the day matches, if he plays any. It’s bright, it’s sporty, it’s fun and it suits Rafa perfectly. It’s also not following the red/white/blue theme. The only fault i could find was i’d have liked to see yellow bandana and sweatbands but the black looks good also. I also love that it matches his racket, as an extra little bonus. Verdict? Gold star for Nike.

drumroll please…

1. Fer Verdasco for Adidas

So where to start with this outfit? I ❤ it. And i know i now sound like a total hypocrite because it follows the “American” theme exactly but Joma and everyone else take notice because this is how to do it. It’s elegant, it’s interesting, it looks comfortable, i love the use of the steel blue, i love that it all matches perfectly, i just LOVE it. Like Nike they have found an outfit that simply suits the player wearing it. I don’t have any negatives. Verdict? 10 gold stars to Adidas.


One Response to “Ooh La La – Let’s Talk Fashion”

  1. kaldy September 2, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    GREATTTT post Lolly ,, so great

    and I agree with you , you were fair , dont worry no hypocricy here

    Rafa looks deicious , yummmm

    great work , so much effort , keep going

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