The Bull vs. The FeVer!

9 Sep

So the time has been set. Rafael Nadal will play Fernando Verdasco at 8pm (1am UK time) on Thursday night. Time for Fer to get revenge for the Aus Open semi-final loss? or for Rafa to get pay back because Fer has the better outfit? I can’t predict the winner but if the match is anything like that semi final in Aus we are in for a cracker. As Davis Cup team mates and friends both players know eachother’s game pretty well and if both players bring their A-game then for me this match will come down to mental toughness and i know most people would say Rafa wins that contest hands down but i think Fer has more than proved his mental strength over the last few years, he is no longer the player who crumbles under pressure. So this match has all the makings of an absolute thriller, both strong mentally and physically, fast, excellent shot makers and i for one can’t wait to see how this match un-folds. The slight advantage maybe lies with Rafa because Fer has never been able to beat him in their 10 previous matches BUT there has to be a first time for everything, right? So will The Bull catch a FeVer? We’ll just need to wait and see…


2 Responses to “The Bull vs. The FeVer!”

  1. Vesna September 9, 2010 at 9:01 am #

    let’s just hope things go like they did in all of their last matches.
    and no Fer doesn’t have better outfit – def not at this tournament! my man in black rocks!
    Vamos Rafa!!!!

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