24 Sep

Feli and Fer attended the opening of the Madrid Tennis Federation’s new training facilities. They played a mini-game of tennis infront of the crowd and were given commemorative plaques. Both players said they were hoping to finish the year strongly. They both also said they are happy with Davis Cup captain Albert Costa signing up for another year and they hope to re-gain the Davis Cup in the future. The full article and video can be found here…  http://www.marca.com/2010/09/23/tenis/1285266975.html 

Other Feli-licious News:

The lovely Feli Lopez has changed his official website. The new address is http://felicianolopez.com/  Thankfully the “calming” music can be switched off and a word of warning, make sure you don’t have your speaker volume up too high because the – racket connecting with tennis ball – sounds are rather loud when you move your mouse over the menu. The news is a little behind but there are some good photos/videos and wallpapers to enjoy. Over all i’d say it was worth a look. Be interesting to see how it updates over the next few weeks.

Other Fernando News:

Our lil Fer has been a busy little bunny. As well as going to watch Atletico Madrid v. Barcelona and Real Madrid v. Espanyol, taking twitter on a little tour of Segovia and training he found time to attend the opening of Mario Testino’s Todo o Nada Exhibition at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid. The collection contains 54 of the photographers images of fashion and the nude, hence the name.









And lastly, Ferru:

David took part in an exhibition event with Juanqui in Marbella and as yet i have not been able to find any photos, sorry. They have also been getting things ready for the Valencia Open. David has also been training for Kuala Lumpur and is pleased to be back in the top 10 and wants to fight to stay there and make it to the ATP World Tour Finals in London. Info via his official site http://www.davidferrer.com/

*Editor’s note, after fighting with embed codes all afternoon i have given up and just posted the link to the vid on Marca*


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