3 Dec

– Ok so I guess I will start with Fer. Fernando was at the World Tour Finals all last week and enjoyed hanging out and meeting fans in the fan zone. He did a bit of painting and I can also tell you he won a surf board playing a friend at ping pong (Table Tennis).


– Next Charly and Rafa attended As del Deporte Awards at Ifema Cityhall on November 30th in Madrid. Rafa won an award and to be perfectly honest I don’t know which award he won, I probably should… oops! Anyways I give you cute pics instead.


– Feli has been busy too. He was in the Hotel Urban in Madrid on the 1st December to present his documentary on the Bio. Channel. The documentary will air in January 2011 and you guys have no idea how much danger my tv will be in if they don’t show it in the UK. Trust me Hendrix has nothing on me! 😀 Anyways back to the pretty:


So there you have it. That is the latest news I have. I will do my best to keep you updated with anymore news I find.


One Response to “Quickies!”

  1. Kate December 3, 2010 at 11:51 pm #

    AYYYY caramba…. Fer looks like dork… how cute…

    and Feli, well he´s pretty boy right… no comment need there 😀

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