The A.C.E.S. Results!

3 Dec

Yeah... yeah! Don't act so surprised. You know you're hawt!

So the overall winner is the lovely… Felicious Lopez. He won 5 out of the 8 categories. So here are the results:

The Peach of the Pista:

This category was a tie between (A.) Rafael Nadal and (C.) Feliciano Lopez. They both received 38% of the votes each.


The Bite Worthy Biceps:

This category was won by the lovely Fer Verdasco (B.). He received 50% of the votes.

The Fantastic Thighs:

With 57% of the votes this was another category for Felicious Lopez (D.).

The Ace of Abs:

The winner of this category with 60% of the votes was….. (D.) Feli!

The Sexiest Eyes:

Yet another category that went to the delightful Mr. Lopez (A.). He received 48% of the votes.

The Sexiest Smile:

The sexiest smile award went to Fernando Verdasco (C.). He received 68% of the votes.

The Shampoo Commercial Hair:

I guess it comes as no surprise that Mr Lopez won this category too. This time he was picture C. and he received 47% of the votes.

The Best Dressed:

And finally the winner of the best dressed category was Fernando Verdasco, picture A. and he received 33% of the votes.

*editor’s note* Thank you to everyone who voted.


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