Feliciano Lopez for QMD!

10 Dec


The translation of Feli’s article on quemedices.es

Feliciano, what made you agree to make a documentary about your life?

I liked the idea because it represents an opportunity to show my human side outside of sport. Furthermore, this is a memory of a moment in time that I will always have and that I can watch when I am an old man.

With the controversy in which you have been involved because of your stormy break up with María José Suárez, this might seem like an oportunity to clean your image …

I do not need to clean my image at all. People who know me will not change their opinion of me because of some comments and information. I lived through this very powerless, because people don’t know the truth of what happened. Anyway, is a virtue to learn from bad times and enjoy the good. I’m not hurt.

You defend your privacy and yet you’ve stripped* in this biographical story …

This is not naked, because I’m not really sharing anything special.

Do you talk about your love life?

On this issue I do not say anything because I never like to air my private life.

There’s recently been published photos of you very sweet with Nira Juanco, the sports journalist …

Of that I have nothing to say, sorry.

Whenever we see you, you’re surrounded by gorgeous women and you have the reputation of Don Juan.

No way … I’m not a heartbreaker or a Latin lover. I too have suffered for love, like everyone else.

Your father appears in the documentary and says: “Sometimes, in the world of show business you meet people who are not in the game.” Who do you mean?

Nobody in particular … In this world there are real friends who are there in good and bad moments, and others who come to you for being who you are. Sometimes it is difficult to know the difference … Anyway, I feel very fortunate to have many people that I trust.

How do you see your future when you leave the tennis? 

I would like to remain connected to this sport, for example, as a coach. I think it is something precious to lend your experience to a child who dreams of success and help them get there. I would also like to start a business or work as a sports commentator on television.

And wouldn’t you like to be a model?

No, because I do not feel comfortable. I’m very introverted.

So you won’t pose in your underwear, like your friend Verdasco …

just like him, for a good cause (laughter).

Appart from Tennis, what did you want to be when you were small?

Torero, but I missed Tennis … I also would like to be a singer. What a shame I don’t have the voice!

Do you think you were born to be a star?

I always dreamed of this and I’m proud of what I achieved, although certainly it could have been better.

*ed’s note* Don’t get too excited, i don’t think they literally meant stripped, hahaha! And again this is by no means a perfect translation but I tried my best. Oh and also… Why so mean QMD?!



One Response to “Feliciano Lopez for QMD!”

  1. Kate December 10, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

    i knew you ment that interview… but thanks for a more proper translation babe :)…

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