Feli Lopez, Tennis Ace & Mood Enhancer?

7 Jan

Well yesterday I promised you Feli pics from his Brisbane second round match and was a little annoyed that I couldn’t find any to share with you. Now anyone who knows me will tell you I get a little grumpy without my fix of hot Spaniards so probably fearing for her safety/my sanity, as I ranted on about why the Australians would put FELI LOPEZ?! (it really doesn’t make sense, why hide the pretty?) on a court without camera’s, she sent me a link to fanpop & feeling very grumpy I clicked on it and the only words I was able to utter were “Madre Mia!” … because sweet readers this is what I found…

Click on it for full size!

I think you will all agree, my friend did good!! (As an added bonus, if you look past the obvious, i know it’s tough, you get shirtless Ferru too). And my day is complete! Grumpiness gone! Who needs anti-depressants when you have Feli’s perfect tush? Doctors take note! 😀


One Response to “Feli Lopez, Tennis Ace & Mood Enhancer?”

  1. Kate January 7, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    makes my day :)… so nice… i wonder where she was to take the pic lying on the floor? lol anyway good jooooob 😀

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