When Did Fans Become Frenemies?

21 Jan

*climbs onto her soapbox*

I’ve become slightly disheartened with the behaviour and attitude of some so called fans lately. When you beat up on your idol what makes you any different from the haters? When I was growing up my role model for how to be a fan (or in our house a supporter) was my Dad. My Dad loves sports, almost every sport but his big love is football. His team is Glasgow Rangers FC and so as a kid I loved them too. As I’ve gotten older my passions have changed, I still want Rangers to win over any team in the SPL but my favourite football teams became Real Madrid and the Spanish National team and my favourite sport became tennis. The one thing that remains is everything my Dad taught me about how a supporter should behave.

It’s simple really. If you look up the word supporter or fan in the dictionary it says “noun:  an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity.” And this is what my Dad instilled in me. If he caught me bad mouthing our team I’d be told “if you have nothing positive or encouraging to say then keep your mouth shut!” Over time this message could be conveyed just with “the look” and if I took no notice of the warning I knew I’d be told to leave the room and see no more of the match. If I behaved like a hater I had no more right to call myself a fan than they did. It’s no surprise I quickly learned to encourage and not criticize, support my team/sport/player through the good times and the bad, even more so in the bad, after all we never need that supportive arm around our shoulder more than when we feel low/hurt. It’s not like our favourite team or player go out with the intention of losing so I think it’s pretty fair to say they have given all that they can give for the 90 minutes or in Tennis terms the several hours that they are out there so I think it’s time to cut them some slack, after all as the world number one says “Nobody is perfect, no?”

*gets off her soapbox*


2 Responses to “When Did Fans Become Frenemies?”

  1. Kate January 21, 2011 at 4:04 am #

    Nice one babe!!!

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