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Wedding Bells!

8 Jul

Mr & Mrs Moya + Cutie Carlita, image via @Charlymoya (twitter)

Just couldn’t resist posting about my favourite tennis family. They are just so scrumptious!!

Carlos Moya has officially made Carolina Cerezuela his Mrs. They were married on Thursday in a small & private ceremony in Llucmajor, Mallorca. I think they make such a great couple and I think you’ll all agree this pic is just adorable. All three look amazing!

Congratulations guys! I’m sure you’ll have a long and happy life together 🙂


Something to Think About!

18 Mar

Hmm... let me think about it...

Image via FeliFriday

Rafa for the Rafettes!!

12 Mar

I promised a few chicas I’d post more Rafa stuff. And like the man himself those chicas were super polite and patient so I figure they deserve a reward. I have checked with my Raf-o-meter (first port of call for verification on all things Rafel) and I guess these pics are worth posting although I’m guessing being such avid Rafa & Armada fans as you all are you may have seen them.

The Moya’s

12 Mar

Carlos and Carolina at the premier of Torrente 4 in Madrid (09/03/2011)

So Mr and Mrs Moya (yes I know they are not married & in Spain she wouldn’t take his surname anyway) stepped out in Madrid and I had to do a double take as the usually gorgeous blonde that is Carolina is now a gorgeous brunette. I think it will take some getting used to but she is beautiful none the less. And yes I do consider this news worthy 😛

Have no idea why but these two make me as giddy as a shirtless David Ferrer pic (ok… almost but add in this bundle of sugar & spice and all things nice and it’s a pretty close contest 🙂 )

What Does the Prettiest Tenista Do On His Day Off?

21 Jan

He visits the Player’s Beauty Bar, obviously! 🙂 During his free day before his round two match Feliciano Lopez popped into the Player’s Beauty Bar at Melbourne Park. But of course the gorgeous Feli couldn’t leave without getting any treatments so he very kindly sat his perfect little butt down in a chair and got his stubble shaved. As well as making sure he stayed super pretty this also allows me to share these cute/funny/kinda hot photos with you!

Please never change Feli! Love you just the way you are!

Fer & his Peeps!

14 Jan

Fernando Verdasco & his team attend the ANZ Taste of Tennis at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on January 14, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia

It’s official… Tennis is back!!

3 Jan

It is! The ATP and Mr. Nadal plus some one called Roger Federer?! officially signalled the start of the ATP season by playing a game of tennis on water. Deja vu anyone? And frankly I prefer this version. But never mind that right now, did I mention tennis is back? 😀

Happy New Year!!

3 Jan

I’m back. I haven’t been anywhere exciting, i just mean I’m back blogging. Poor thing was close to death. So I’ve gave it a shot of Mocha Choca Spaniards and it’s business as usual 🙂

So here you go, some pics from Rafa and Roger’s charity match in Madrid and the dinner too. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!


Yummy With a Cherry on Top!

9 Dec

Ok so I’m not going to deny it. Some shameless Deliciano drooling… enjoy!

Rafa Receives World End Num1 Trophy!

25 Nov

On Tuesday 23rd Rafa received his World End No.1 trophy in London. Congrats Rafa!! Another fantastic Season!! 😀 Enjoy the pics!

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