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The Lopez Twitter Dictionary!

9 Dec

So a lot of people have been telling me they are having trouble working out Feli’s shorthand on twitter so I thought I’d make this little dictionary post and hopefully you will find it helpful. If I have missed anything just let me know and I will add it to the post. I will also add it to the categories so it’s easier for you to find 🙂

x = por = for

q = que = what

xq = porque = why/because

xd = risas = laughs

cm = como = as/like

pd = puede = can

dsd = desde = from

dnd = donde = where

dep = depende = depends

emp = empezar = start/to begin

toy = estoy = I am/ I’m here

tot = total = everything

mens = mensaje = message

desp = despues = after

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