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Rafa for the Rafettes!!

12 Mar

I promised a few chicas I’d post more Rafa stuff. And like the man himself those chicas were super polite and patient so I figure they deserve a reward. I have checked with my Raf-o-meter (first port of call for verification on all things Rafel) and I guess these pics are worth posting although I’m guessing being such avid Rafa & Armada fans as you all are you may have seen them.


One Spaniard Down Already (partly…)

12 Mar

So my T.V. Coverage of Indian Wells hasn’t even started yet and already Feliciano is out of the singles 😦 But I have just read that he is playing doubles today with… wait for it… Milos Raonic (?! – I can’t be the only one who finds that a little surprising/odd/confusing, can I?). Anyways they’ll play the Bryans around 9pm tonight (5am Sunday in the UK) on Stadium 3.

David, Rafa and Fernando are also in singles action today. Rafa will face Russian qualifier, Rik de Voest around 5pm (1am Sunday in the UK) on Stadium 1. Also, Rafa & Marc Lopez won their doubles match against, Fyrstenberg & Matkowski yesterday. Fernando will face wild card, Richard Berankis on Stadium 2 at 11am today (7pm tonight in the UK). And last but definitely not least, David will face Croatin, Ivo Karlovic on Stadium 3 at around 1pm (9pm tonight in the UK).


Third Rubber: Fer & Feli vs. Darcis & Rochus

12 Mar

Better late than never I guess… sorry guys 😦 Anyways Feli and Fer won as I’m sure you are all aware by now. They won 7-6, 6-4, 6-3. In the dead rubbers (best of 3 sets & sadly no pics) Rafa won against Rochus 6-4, 6-2 and Feli lost 7-6, 6-7, 6-7. Spain will face the USA away from home in the quarters. Well Done Chicos!!

Second Rubber – Rafael Nadal vs. Ruben Bemelmans

5 Mar

Rafa won the second rubber and Spain went into Saturday with a 2-0 lead 🙂 Enjoy the Rafa pics!

It’s Davis Cup Time!!

5 Mar

Well as I promised here are the Davis pics. I will start with the team pics and some also of Capi Costa because someone requested him 🙂 Enjoy!

Day 10 Australian Open Results/Pictures!

26 Jan

Well today’s match was both happy and sad. I’m thrilled for David but at the same time it’s never nice to see a player you love visibly hurting. Let’s hope that Rafa’s injury is not serious and he can be back with us soon, the tour is not the same without him. And as for me I am hoping David can make it all the way to the final 😀 The score was 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 by the way.

Day 8 Australian Open Pictures!

24 Jan

Pictures from Rafa and David’s matches on Day 8 of the Australian Open. Enjoy!

Day 6 Australian Open Pictures!

23 Jan

So here are the pics from Day 6 of the Aussie Open. No doubles pics yet 😦

Day 4 Australian Open Pictures!

21 Jan

Here are the pictures from Day 4 of the Australian Open. Enjoy!

Ooh La La – Let’s Talk Fashion (The Aussie Edition)

20 Jan

Ok so as you may remember (or maybe you don’t) waaay back during the US Open I made this post about the Armada’s outfits and I enjoyed doing it so here I have the Aussie Edition. Like before I’m going to share with you my thought’s on my top 5 favourite outfits. And as always feel free to leave me a comment. Love hearing from you all 🙂

So in reverse order:

5. Nicolas Almagro for Reebok

I like Reebok’s outfits for Nico but this only makes number five on my list because I feel for a young guy like Nico it is a little boring. Possibly some pattern on the black sections or a different colour could have worked a little better. I definitely think Reebok could have done a lot better but the outfit is not hideous just very classic!

Verdict? Classy but a little boring.

4. Rafael Nadal for Nike


I really like this outfit. Orange and grey go perfectly together. This is definitely one of Nike’s better outfits for Rafa since they started dressing him in t-shirts. It’s much more fun with the tribal tattoo style pattern on the back and it’s bright which I think suits Rafa’s personality. So you are probably wondering why it is only number four on my list right? Well the top four results were pretty close so I had to get picky and so Rafa lost marks because his wrist bands are white and not grey or a combination of greay and orange.

Verdict? Bright!

3. Fernando Verdasco for Adidas


Honestly, when I first saw this Adidas outfit back in December I hated it. I don’t know if it was the lighting Adidas used to shoot it but it looked awful but in the Aussie sunshine I think the watermelon pink looks pretty good. It’s definitely grown on me. I like the green highlights and love the flashes of colour in the cross graphic on the chest.  The drawback? It has to be those adizero trainers. Yes, I still don’t get why Tennis shoes have been made to look like football boots.

Verdict? As cool as a watermelon

2. Feliciano Lopez for Joma


Joma are one of my favourite tennis clothing brands. They never make anything that is really hideous but let’s be honest they do have an exceptional convas to hang it on. I really like this T-shirt. It’s very pretty and I love the use of pink and purple and also they are the only brand to use a pattern which I may add matches up at the seems a lot better than nike’s checkered shorts!! I think the outfit suits Feli and the only reason he didn’t win is he didn’t wear this.

Verdict? Pretty like the player!

1. David Ferrer for Lotto


I cannot tell you how much I love this outfit!! It’s bright, it’s fun, everything all ties in together. The sunshine yellow looks awesome in the Aussie sunshine and I can’t really explain why but it just suits David perfectly. Lotto may go a little boring and slightly odd sometimes but over all they do a good job of clothing my fav tennis player but we wouldn’t expect anything less of the Italians would we?

Verdict? A ray of sunshine!

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