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Wedding Bells!

8 Jul

Mr & Mrs Moya + Cutie Carlita, image via @Charlymoya (twitter)

Just couldn’t resist posting about my favourite tennis family. They are just so scrumptious!!

Carlos Moya has officially made Carolina Cerezuela his Mrs. They were married on Thursday in a small & private ceremony in Llucmajor, Mallorca. I think they make such a great couple and I think you’ll all agree this pic is just adorable. All three look amazing!

Congratulations guys! I’m sure you’ll have a long and happy life together 🙂


The Moya’s

12 Mar

Carlos and Carolina at the premier of Torrente 4 in Madrid (09/03/2011)

So Mr and Mrs Moya (yes I know they are not married & in Spain she wouldn’t take his surname anyway) stepped out in Madrid and I had to do a double take as the usually gorgeous blonde that is Carolina is now a gorgeous brunette. I think it will take some getting used to but she is beautiful none the less. And yes I do consider this news worthy 😛

Have no idea why but these two make me as giddy as a shirtless David Ferrer pic (ok… almost but add in this bundle of sugar & spice and all things nice and it’s a pretty close contest 🙂 )

Cutie Carlita! UPDATED

6 Dec

She’s so pretty!

And this just melts my heart ❤

Mi Favorita Bebè de Tenis

21 Oct

Carlita Moya. Isn’t she just the cutest little bundle of love? As well as growing in cuteness every day she’s been a busy little bumble bee.

She’s been on her first airplane journey, like all little princess’ it was first class (come on, how else would you describe travelling on the chest of Charly?) all the way of course. She’s met the family, been out for a walk in her stroller. Oh yeah and she’s also traded cuddles with two of the best tenista’s (not including papa), making a few women/girls pretty jealous i’m sure. Ah life as a tenis baby is pretty exhausting, right? Enjoy your sleep little one!


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