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15 Sep

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Nine Slams, 18 ATP Masters titles, two Davis Cups, an Olympic Gold, World No.1 and he’s still only 24. Not bad for someone people (you know who you are) said was only a clay court specialist eh? And for every Federer fan who has told me Rafa will never be as great as him, I’d just like to point out a little fact, Roger Federer achieved his career Grand Slam aged 27, Rafa has achieved his at age 24 Nah nah na-na-nah 😛. To say Rafael Nadal will never be a legend is a joke, he already is. To say he is a clay court specialist is very true but more accurately Rafa is a tennis specialist, so commited to improving and changing his game in order to achieve his goals and if Rafa wants something you’d have to be a fool to bet against him getting it. Rafael Nadal has many nicknames, El Matador, The Raging Bull, Nadalek, The King of Clay. I have also heard him described by many people in many different ways, a hero, a warrior, a legend, a phenomenon, a superstar, an idol, indestructable, un-stoppable, and electric to name but a few, and it always makes me smile, whenever i hear any of them, to think of the shy little smile and the blush that would appear on his face if any of them were said in his pressence. This is one of the reasons i love Rafa and i am proud that he is one of my sons heros because despite all of the trophies, photoshoots, interviews and sponsorship deals he is still able to simply be Rafel Nadal, a good man from Manacor, Majorca, who works hard to achieve even his wildest dreams. 🙂


Rafael Nadal – US OPEN CHAMPION!!

15 Sep

So our Rafa did it! He is the 2010 US Open champion 😀 I am so happy for him. He played an amazing tournament and it was a great final. Djokovic played a great match but it was Rafa’s night and he fully deserved to be holding that trophy at the end of the evening. Ok let’s get to the good part, Rafa photos. These are from the final, the award ceremony and the photoshoot in NY today, in a totally random order. Will have another post tomorrow about his career Grand Slam. Especially for Ves i suggest listening to the video at the bottom while enjoying the pics.

Rafa is in the Final of the USO!!!

11 Sep

I want to see this face tomorrow too. The match between Novak and Fed has just finished, Novak won in 5 sets, but to be honest i didn’t care which one of them won. Because for the first time in his career Rafa is in the final of the US Open. 😀 I have to admit there were times i wondered if he would ever make it but not only has he made it but he’s made it in great form and yes Rafa that body is perfect “physically speaking”. *touches wood* I think this is down to the way he has managed his schedule this season, he and his team have worked it out perfectly. He had a comfortable win against Youzhny today, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 and i’m sure tomorrow will be a much tougher test but i hope/pray/wish that tomorrow evening the US Open trophy will be on it’s way to Majorca in the arms of Rafel Nadal.  There is no other way to sign off this post… 


The Bull vs. The FeVer!

9 Sep

So the time has been set. Rafael Nadal will play Fernando Verdasco at 8pm (1am UK time) on Thursday night. Time for Fer to get revenge for the Aus Open semi-final loss? or for Rafa to get pay back because Fer has the better outfit? I can’t predict the winner but if the match is anything like that semi final in Aus we are in for a cracker. As Davis Cup team mates and friends both players know eachother’s game pretty well and if both players bring their A-game then for me this match will come down to mental toughness and i know most people would say Rafa wins that contest hands down but i think Fer has more than proved his mental strength over the last few years, he is no longer the player who crumbles under pressure. So this match has all the makings of an absolute thriller, both strong mentally and physically, fast, excellent shot makers and i for one can’t wait to see how this match un-folds. The slight advantage maybe lies with Rafa because Fer has never been able to beat him in their 10 previous matches BUT there has to be a first time for everything, right? So will The Bull catch a FeVer? We’ll just need to wait and see…

US Open Day 9 – Results (with a twist)

8 Sep

So tears have been shed, survival kit tested to the limits and heart rate just about returned to normal and to cheer myself up i thought i’d bring you yesterdays results a little differently. There won’t be any results for today since there’s no Spaniards left in todays half, infact there are just two Spaniards left in the tournament (YES I know it’ll be down to one tomorrow *sniff sniff*) so i thought i’d say goodbye to David and Feli by sharing some of my favourite pics of them during the USO.

*results and scores from yesterday after the pics*

So anyone want some pretty?

Hmm… maybe a little tongue?

Maybe thighs are more your thing?

A little stomach flash?


Ahh pretty boy… i couldn’t agree more.


Now the Valencian hottie!

He likes a little tongue too…

How about a cute lil tush?

More stomach flash?

A little passion?

Ohh the passion…

Love you boys, keep your heads up and good luck for your next tournaments! 🙂



Rafael Nadal (ESP) [1]  def.  Feliciano Lopez (ESP) [23]

6-3, 6-4, 6-4


Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) [12]  def.  Tommy Robredo (ESP)

7-5, 6-2, 4-6, 6-4


Fernando Verdasco (ESP) [8]  def.  David Ferrer (ESP) [10] 

5-7, 6-7, 6-3, 6-3, 7-6


US Open Day 9 – Order of Play

6 Sep

Tuesday’s Order of Play:

Arthur Ashe – approx. 9pm/2am (US/UK time)

Rafael Nadal (ESP) [1]  vs.  Feliciano Lopez (ESP) [23]


Louis Armstrong – 11am/4pm (US/UK time)

Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) [12]  vs.  Tommy Robredo (ESP)

 4pm/9pm (US/UK time)

David Ferrer (ESP) [10]  vs.  Fernando Verdasco (ESP) [8]


Today is going to be torture 😦 My spectators survival kit may need reinforcements.


Ooh La La – Let’s Talk Fashion

2 Sep

So before i give you today’s order of play let’s get serious 😉 and talk clothes. I am going to bring you my top 5 men’s USO outfits. I’m going to stick with my Spaniards. Feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree with my choices or let me know your own choices for best dressed 🙂

Ok so in reverse order…

5. Feli Lopez and JC Ferrero for Joma 

I am disappointed with Joma’s offering here, they have gone to town with the red, white and blue “American” theme but well it’s all a little boring and pretty ugly. I do prefer JC’s blue headband to Feli’s white one but why doesn’t he have blue sweatbands to match? I normally like Joma’s outfits and credit to the boys for going with a Spanish sponsor. Verdict? Boring.

4. Nico Almagro for Reebok

Ok so i will start with the negative. The shorts. They are just plain awful. However the T-shirt i like. Really like the yellow and the fact they haven’t gone down the red/white/blue route. Generally i like the brights Reebok give to Nico and again good choice of sponsor, he doesn’t end up dressed like everyone else. Verdict? Quirky.

3. David Ferrer for Lotto

Hmm… Lotto, Lotto, Lotto… Why do i get the feeling i have seen it all before? Oh yes because i have. Davis Cup 08? Davis Cup 09? Davis Cup 2010? Australian Open 2010? Basically David has been wearing the same design since January and before. Changing the colours does not count as a new design Lotto. Ok so now you are probably wondering why i have it at num 3, right? Well the truth is i like the design, it’s bright, simple but not boring. Would be great if i could see him play in something different after 8 months though. Verdict? Good but please a change soon?

2. Rafa Nadal for Nike

This was a tough decision. I love this black outfit and yes i even love the bright yellow version i assume is for the day matches, if he plays any. It’s bright, it’s sporty, it’s fun and it suits Rafa perfectly. It’s also not following the red/white/blue theme. The only fault i could find was i’d have liked to see yellow bandana and sweatbands but the black looks good also. I also love that it matches his racket, as an extra little bonus. Verdict? Gold star for Nike.

drumroll please…

1. Fer Verdasco for Adidas

So where to start with this outfit? I ❤ it. And i know i now sound like a total hypocrite because it follows the “American” theme exactly but Joma and everyone else take notice because this is how to do it. It’s elegant, it’s interesting, it looks comfortable, i love the use of the steel blue, i love that it all matches perfectly, i just LOVE it. Like Nike they have found an outfit that simply suits the player wearing it. I don’t have any negatives. Verdict? 10 gold stars to Adidas.

Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day <3 – UPDATED

28 Aug

As usual the Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day was a big success. Lots of music from, Jordin Sparks, Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato and a rap from Novak and the Bryan Bros (i soo have to find that on youtube). There was also dancing?!? from Serena, James Blake and Kim Clijsters. And lots of laughs to be had by everyone, Will Ferrell dressed as James Blake complete with bald cap has to be one of the best parts, they could be brother’s right? lol 🙂

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

USO Player Party!!

28 Aug

So the US Open player party took place last night at Skyline Studios, New York. And so far my hunt for photo’s of my Spaniards is coming up with very little, two pictures of Tommy Robredo. I know Fernando Verdasco was in attendance but no photo’s of him have turned up so far but I’m sure you won’t mind my alternative photo (via Fernando on twitter).

Tommy Robredo:

And a gift to make up for lack of photos:

 http://twitpic.com/2ip6j1 (for full-size) 😉

Nike Tennis Event

26 Aug

Rafa took part in a tennis event at Pier 54 to promote Nike’s designs for the US Open 2010. The players and celebrities took part in a mock doubles match and there was also a press conference. Also taking part was Roger Federer, the legend Johnny Mac, wta players, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams and model, Bar Refaeli.

Not tennis related but i love Serena’s dress.


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